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[NBA JAM by EA SPORTS]10 Best Forgotten Sports Gaming Franchises, Ranked | ScreenRant

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  Sports games have been popular for years, but the amount of variety has been dwindling recently. Here are some forgotten sports series.

  By Michael DeRosa

  Published Apr 05, 2021



  Throughout the entire history of gaming, there have been a plethora of sports franchises. At this current time, the number of them certainly is far lower than it used to be, as it seems as though each sport only has one major series now. However, that is not a knock on old sport video games, as there are many that gamers still love to play even at this time. Although many younger video game players may not know they exist, these games are still quite entertaining.

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  In fact, it would be great if some of the best discontinued sports series would come back in the future. For example, this is actually happening in the near future with two iconic ones,?NFL 2K?and EA Sport’s?NCAA Football. Thus, it may be a signal that some of these iconic series could come back. When seeing as how so many of them still hold places in the hearts of gamers, it could be spectacular for the industry. In fact, it would even create competition for today’s sports games, which would fix the stagnation seen in them.


  Gameplay of MLB 2K13

  Many people may forget about the?MLB 2K?series, as its last major installment came out way back in 2013. Since then, the only true MLB video game that is successful is?MLB The Show.

  It is rather strange that this series stopped making games, as they were still popular at the time of its completion. These games also are well put together when it comes to Franchise Mode, even if they are older today.

  Ravens vs. Chargers in NFL Street

  NFL Street?is the type of arcade gaming that needs to return in the near future. This series takes a far different approach to the game of football, as it is far less strict when it comes to its rule.

  Also, the gameplay itself is far more fast-paced than today’s NFL games, which really helps enhance its quality. These games are definitely meant for people who want to play a football game that is less serious.


  Gameplay of All-Star Baseball 2000

  A total blast from the past, but?All-Star Baseball?is one of the most underappreciated sports franchises ever. The significance of their 2000 release for the N64 cannot be overlooked, as it introduced directional hitting. This is still a huge part of today’s games, too.

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  These games sadly could not keep up with the competition as the years went by. Yet, they are still quite enjoyable to play, as they certainly offer realistic, yet fun, gameplay.

  Gameplay of NHL Hitz 2003

  NHL Hitz?is a series that only has a few games, but they all are very entertaining to play. They are another series that focuses a lot on the arcade style of gaming, so it is full of unrealistic, yet fun, elements.

  Body-checking in this game is quite violent, which meshes well with its monster slapshots and quick skating speeds. In time, this is something that would make sense to bring back, as EA’s?NHL?series is receiving criticism regularly.


  Gameplay of NBA Jam

  NBA Jam?is one of the most popular series of all time. A major reason behind this clear fact is that its original installment completely changed the way that NBA games are made.

  It is interesting because of the fact that it offers two-on-two gameplay, which is quite a rarity today. Also, the players’ abilities in this game are greatly enhanced, as they jump at ridiculously high heights, while also being able to break backboards regularly with dunks

  Gameplay of ESPN NHL 2k5

  NHL 2K?is another forgotten series, as EA has controlled the NHL license?solely for roughly a decade now. Yet, these games are all so entertaining and quite ahead of their time in terms of their playing options.

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  Later installments would offer roster sharing, which is something that is not even accessible in?NHL 21. Also, the ESPN versions of these games make it feel that gameplay is on actual live television with its authentic scoreboard.


  Yankees player catching ball in MLB Slugfest

  When looking back at?MLB Slugfest, it is apparent that it is unlike any other baseball game out there. It offers a unique twist on baseball, as it allows players to beat up their opponents with continuous punches.

  This 2000s feel is certainly appreciated by its players, but it also is very fast-paced, especially for this sport. This allows games to be far more entertaining and enjoyable. Also, players literally turn on fire, too, so how can it not be loved?

  Gameplay of NBA Street Vol. 3

  Right when?NBA Street?became extremely popular, it disappeared into the night. Although this definitely is disappointing to this very day, these games are still very popular to play so many years later.

  These games are more complete versions of?NBA Jam, as they offer cleaner player movements, while still possessing that elite arcade style. The story modes in these games also never get old.


  Choosing players in Backyard Football 2002

  The opening days of?Backyard Sports?provided some of the best sport video games of all time. For starters, it created an entire roster of custom characters, with all of them possessing their own personalities and even songs.

  Although these games initially were meant for children, it has since switched to all ages because of the splendid gameplay that they all have.?Backyard Sports?has games for baseball, hockey, basketball, football, and even skateboarding. Thus, this series is not afraid to dabble in all areas.

  Scott Rolen batting in MVP Baseball 2005

  It is rather surprising to this very day that EA opted to discontinue the?MVP Baseball?series. This series was at the top of the baseball video game world at the time of its departure.

  These games are quite advanced for the time in which they came out, too. It offers a very in-depth franchise mode, as it not only allows the player to mold their team’s roster but also manage ballpark expenses. Besides its outdated graphics, these games actually rival modern?MLB The Show?games with all they offer.

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