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[sexy beach illusion]Can You Catch It? Viral Optical Illusion Wants You to Spot a Hidden Pokemon Here

source:77 games 2021-8-14

  A perfect optical illusion for children and adults who grew up watching cartoons is doing the rounds on the internet. The 20-second video is mind-boggling, showing what appears to be a shade in monochrome and asking people to find the Pokemon not apparently hidden there. This has triggered a wide guessing game on the internet and everyone is making an effort to outwit others.

  The video was shared on April 15 but the optical illusion has been troubling users on social media for some time. And some wise users appear to have successfully deciphered the puzzle.

  For those not versed with optical illusions, they involve visual deception. Using different arrangements of images, colours, light source and other variables, a wide range of misleading visual effects are created to mislead the viewers, and they are asked to beat the challenge. But not everyone experiences visual illusions in the same way, they do reveal a great deal about the working of the brain.



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  The internet is filled with optical illusions and some of them go viral from time to time. One of them was a black-and-white photograph of a group of people sitting together, but the illusion was so created that most people saw colours in it.

  This is a black and white photograph. Only the lines have colour.What you “see” is what your predicts the reality to be, given the imperfect information it gets. pic.twitter.com/gwttlcC2Zw

  — Lionel Page (@page_eco) July 27, 2019

  Only the grid lines placed on the photograph are coloured, not the image itself. If you too saw colours, then that’s because the grid lines tricking your brain.

  pic.twitter.com/IUu3ViBU0E— @joabreuv (@joabreuv) July 27, 2019

  This only half works for me. The blue and green shirts come through but girl in front has a white shirt with yellow stripes, not a yellow shirt. And all the faces are grey with colored lines over them.— Hypertorus (@Rite_Brite) July 27, 2019

  The most famous illusion of them all is The Dress, which divided the world into two groups – one to whom the dress seemed black and blue and the other to whom it seemed white and gold.

  Forget The Dress, there’s another optical illusion blowing our minds http://t.co/yNjSMXWpPc pic.twitter.com/9H99fBV960— The Independent (@Independent) February 27, 2015

  When it first appeared, it had triggered a storm of controversy on the web.

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