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[when is hitman 3 coming out]Is Neo: The World Ends With You coming to PC?

source:77 games 2021-8-14

  Neo: The World Ends With You is bringing you back to the streets of Tokyo for some high-flying psychic-powered action. Complimented with a unique and stunning anime art style, it would sure pop on your high-definition PC monitor. Will this dream become reality, however? Here’s what we know.

  Image via Square Enix

  Square Enix has announced that Neo: The World Ends With You will be throttling its way to the Epic Game Store sometime in Summer 2021 (any time before September 22) after the release of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions. No official date has been confirmed as of yet, but we do know it will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, similar to the Kingdom Hearts series.

  At the time of writing, no. We don’t know the details about the exclusivity deal if there is one, but it could take up to a year for Neo: The World Ends With You to release on Steam if at all. For example, Hitman 3 won’t be on Steam until January 2022.

  Unfortunately, no. Digital distribution has taken over the PC gaming space, so it’s no surprise that Square Enix opted to not release a physical edition of Neo: The World Ends With You for computers.

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