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source:77 games 2021-6-14

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded senior students graduating from JP McCaskey High School a $ 206,000 scholarship in recent weeks.

According to the fund¨s website, scholarships are accepted into accredited higher education programs, show financial needs, and ^reflect the ideals of Dr. King¨s commitment to school, community, family, and faith. ̄ Is awarded every year.

Recipients are selected by the group¨s board of directors. For more information mlkjrfund.org..

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded JP McCaskey Seniors a $ 206,000 scholarship in 2021.

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The winners of the 2021 Martin Luther King Junior Memorial Scholarship are:

! Ariana Marshall has been awarded a $ 25,000 Botstiber Foundation scholarship.

! Sandra Soliman, a former board member and community leader, was awarded a $ 20,000 Martin Luther King Jr. Board scholarship to commemorate Senior Nelson Polite.

! Theodora Moyse-Peck and Timmyra Goodson were awarded $ 12,500 Susan and Nicholas Veronis scholarships, respectively.

! Ariana Rila has been awarded a $ 10,000 Hagelgans & Veronis Scholarship.

! Yakahiris Vazquez and Kya London were each awarded a $ 7,500 Hagelgans & Veronis scholarship.

! Andrew Vogelbach pays tribute to former President Ellen Pike for a $ 6,000 Martin Luther King Jr. Board Scholarship ($ 5,000) and a David Wolborn Scholarship (1,000) with his mother Evelyn Loretta Wolborn in memory in I was awarded a dollar).

! Andrea Hill Cardoza has been awarded a $ 5,000 Hagelgans & Veronis Scholarship.

! Shamara Valbrun and Celeste Ruiz have each been awarded a $ 5,000 nursing scholarship to commemorate their former founder, Joan Pollock.

! Mirna Guerra-Torres was awarded a $ 5,000 scholarship in honor of Dr. Carolyn Maxey, a former Lancaster School District educator. Gifted by George and Christine Veronis.

! Nereilys Torres De Jesus received a $ 5,000 Christine B. Enoch Memorial Scholarship.

! Sam Hershey was awarded a $ 5,000 Betty Beck Scholarship in honor of her parents Robert and Betty Crider.

! Alleger Santiago has been awarded a $ 5,000 Douglas and Linda Weidman Scholarship.

! Debreena Woods has been awarded a $ 5,000 Donegal Insurance Group scholarship.

! Jenna Crowley has been awarded a $ 5,000 Amy and William Mobley Scholarship.

! Sheila Sanchez Gonzales has been awarded a $ 5,000 Sharon Hargrave Scholarship.

! Keishla Figueroa, Elizabeth Whalen, Estefani Romero Paula and Brianna De Jesus were awarded $ 5,000 Georgina and Thomas Russo scholarships, respectively.

! Sarah Mendizabal was awarded a $ 5,000 David Johnson and Holy Trinity Church Scholarship.

! Yorain Kabrol was awarded a $ 5,000 Martin Luther King, Jr. Board Scholarship to commemorate Leon¨Buddy¨Glover.

! Jabon Long was awarded a $ 5,000 Martin Luther King, Jr. Thaddeus Stevens Board Scholarship in honor of former executives and treasurers Lisa Star and Bill Star.

! Alysha Plaza and Rabina Uprety were awarded $ 5,000 Kathy and Ed Schoenberger scholarships, respectively.

! Nechalie Acosta was awarded a $ 5,000 Martin Luther King Board Scholarship.

! Georgia Cox, Elise Stover, Thomas Corrado, Colin de Sion, and Sophia Bargay were each awarded a $ 1,000 Martin Luther King Board Scholarship.

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