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[mangago app android]Fix Error 1005 Access Denied message while visiting websites

source:77 games 2021-8-6

  While navigating web pages on the Internet, you may see Error 1005, Access Denied message. This means that the connection request that the client is sending to the server is being blocked by the server and the content is not being sent to the client. This often occurs when the client’s IP Address is blocked by the Host. So what can you do if you see this message?

  Error 1005, Access Denied

  There are three main reasons for this error. They are-Website Administrator has blocked a whole range of IP Addresses.The VPN Service that you are using is blocked by the website.Cloudflare or other similar service has blocked your IP Address for violation of their terms or any suspicious behavior.

  You can try out any of these fixes in order to fix the errors.

  If you see this message, use a VPN software or a Proxy service to change your IP address and see if you can access the web page after that.

  If you are already using a VPN Service, there is a great chance that your VPN Service might be blocked from accessing the web app. The main reason behind this might be the malicious activities of other people who leverage the use of same IP Address with the same VPN Service.

  Now, you can either disable the VPN Service and check, or else you can uninstall the VPN Service and see.

  Check if this fixed the blockage.

  In order to disable the use of a proxy server on your computer (if any), you can start by hitting the WINKEY + R button combinations to open up the Run box. Inside it, type in ms-settings:network-proxy and then hit Enter.

  This will now open up Proxy Settings section inside of the Windows 10 Settings App.


  Under the section called Manual Proxy Setup, make sure that the toggle to Use a proxy server is Disabled. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

  Check if you are able to access the website now.

  Maybe your original IP Address is banned. In this case, first, you will need to know your IP Address. Next try to use a VPN or Proxy Server and then access the website that banned your access.


  After that, you can access the website flawlessly and find a way to contact the website administrator to unblock your banned IP Address that you found out just a few minutes before.

  Changing a VPN Server always helps the user in access the websites and web services that do not allow them to access.

  Before you use a VPN or Proxy, you need to ensure that the content is in fact legally available to you.


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