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[Mayhem in Single Valley]Mayhem in Single Valley’s Radioactive Squirrels Skitter onto Steam Tomorrow

source:77 games 2021-7-29

  Jack Johnson’s accidental apocalypse is almost here. Starting May 20, fans will be able to pull on Jack’s hoodie and try their best to save his town from the ruin he’s inadvertently brought down upon them. Over the course of his 2.5D adventure, Jack’ll have to jump, puzzle and dodge his way across town in order to put things right. Unfortunately for Jack, physical obstacles aren’t all he’ll have to deal with. There are plenty of radioactive animals and townspeople between him and his goal, so he’s going to have to get creative if he wants to avoid death-by-radioactive squirrel.

  Mayhem in Single Valley is primarily a puzzle-platformer, but it seems like there’s action to be had too. Developer Fluxscopic also states that players can look forward to physics-based puzzles, a variety of locales to explore, item crafting, many hidden collectibles and multiple methods by which to deal with various enemies.

  Mayhem in Single Valley is available for PC via Steam on May 20.

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