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[call of duty black ops 3 pc]How to Complete the Dragon Relic Easter Egg in Outbreak Mode

source:77 games 2021-7-24

  While it may not be a traditional Zombies Easter Egg, the Dragon Relic side activity in Outbreak is seemly a direct call-back to the dragon enemies that appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.


  Despite being a seemly small and rather easy Easter Egg to complete, it does happen to offer an ultra rare golden loot chest that can contain anything from rare weapons, armor, ammo, and even a chance at the full power up.

  Unlike traditional Easter Eggs, the Dragon Relic side activity is fairly easy to complete and can be found by looking for the dragon symbol that’s located on your map. Once you’ve reached the dragon symbol, look for the large steampunk-like machine in the area and interact with the computer console that’s located on the front of the machine.Before we continue it’s important to make sure that you’re well prepared, as not only will activating the console set you back 500 Essence points, but it will also start spawning several waves of Zombies.Upon activating the console, a giant dragon’s head will appear from the top of the machine and the area in front will be encircled by a purple ring.

  Now that the purple ring has spawned, you’ll will be tasked with feeding the dragon approximately 20 Zombies in order to fill to two large tanks that are located on either side of the machine.

  Keep in mind that you will need to kill the Zombies within the purple circle in order for the dragon to inhale them. Constantly being on the move will also help you complete this challenge as the Zombies move considerably fast so it’s rather easy to get overrun should you make a mistake.

  Once you have filled the two tanks with enough energy, watch as the machine takes off into the sky, leaving behind an ultra rare loot chest that can contain anything from rare weapons, armor, salvage, ammo, and even a chance at receiving the Full Power Up.

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