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[Life Is Strange 2]‘KOF 15’ trailer introduces Vanessa in Team Secret Agent

source:77 games 2021-7-23


  Vanessa is the iconic fighting mom when it comes to the King of Fighters franchise. SNK just revealed her for the upcoming KOF 15.

  The early gameplay reveals trailer for Vanessa is highly short. But one thing that stands out the most is the utmost Bizzare sequences of action. You might remember the old days of arcade games like Tekken‘s previous installments.

  KOF 15 has already released multiple reveal trailers for its characters. But Vanessa’s inclusion as part of Team Secret Agent shows that the game will have new lore.

  Vanessa looks stunning in her neat moves and high-octane fighting mode. She will form the Secret Agent group along with Luong and Blue Mary.

  In its official description for the trio, in KOF 15, SNK recently revealed their character introductions.

  Firstly, talking about Vanessa then she is a woman who lives a double life. Along with being a housewife, she is also a mercenary agent. Highly skilled in boxing, she can KO her opponents very comfortably. However, her family is unaware of her double life mystery.

  Secondly, there is Blue Mary, who works as a freelance special agent. She is capable of performing all forms of fighting styles. Her specialty is Sambo Commando, a type of martial art. She also has a powerful bond with Terry Bogard.


  The trio gets completed with Luong. She is a femme fatale type fighter, having several hidden motives. First, she can lacerate her enemies with her whip and her long legs. Combined with it is her exceptional tae kwon do technique.

  While fans of KOF 15 are looking forward to its debut, other gaming lovers are also waiting for multiple fresh releases later this year.

  Speaking of the most-awaited and potential blockbusters, then there will be heavyweights such as Halo Infinite and Far Cry 6.

  New World, Horizon Forbidden West, the next Call of Duty entry, Stray, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits are also on the list.

  However, the deep line-up extends even further with Deathloop, Dying Light 2, and Little Devil Inside.

  Shadow Warrior 3, GhostWire: Tokyo, Psychonauts 2, Cyber Shadow, and Life Is Strange: True Colors are other crucial launches.

  Coming back to KOF 15, it’s currently in a state of delay and will be released next year.

  What are your thoughts over the major games arriving later in 2021 and beyond? Are you excited and hyped already?

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  Image courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube

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