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[wasteland 3 golden toaster]Wasteland 3 Guide

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  For a newcomer to the Wasteland series, the Toaster Repair Skill may leave you scratching your head pondering “what exactly is this for?”. However, the exact purpose of this skill is surprisingly far more in-depth than what you may think at first glance. It is also a skill that every Wasteland 3 player should highly consider giving to a squad member at some point. That said, if you keep reading you will find out what is the Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair skill and what it’s for.

  Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair

  In short, the Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair skill is what the name implies, which is a skill that will allow players to repair toasters. However, there is more to it than just this as toasters in Wasteland 3 are also a special kind of loot container. For instance, the player may find some rare loot or an item called Toast provided that you have the required perk. Players also should note that Toast doubles as both a pretty nice item to sell and as a decent health item as shown in the image below.?

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  Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair

  Also along with a chance for special loot, some pretty nice perks go along with the Toaster Repair skill. Some notable perks include Breakfast Bandit, which is required to find the toast item in toasters. Another is Toasty which makes it so when you kill an enemy it causes your next attack to inflict burning on the target.

  But overall toaster repair is probably not the most important skill to worry about in the game as there are somewhat few instances where you will encounter these toasters. To get around this we recommend not allocating the skill to any companion or squad member you plan on using for the entirety of the game. Instead, just create a throwaway character that you will use only when you want to unlock these Toasters when you find them; you can do this by visiting Manage Squad back at Range HQ in Colorado Springs.

  Toaster Repair

  Wasteland 3‘s Toaster Repair skill despite being one of the less useful skills in the game can ultimately do something that the others can not, which is it can get the player a unique golden toaster companion that shoots flaming toast. That said, to get the Golden Toaster you have to collect five golden toaster parts and the unique gold plated hammer, after which, a location called The Toaster Repair Academy will show up on the world map where they need to go to assemble the Golden Toaster companion. In addition, the player can also find a very strong armor set that is considered by many to be the strongest in the game. However before the player can build the Golden Toaster they must first find the parts, all of which are listed down below.

  Gold Wire: Inside the Wesson family home’s kitchen in Broadmoor Heights?Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament: Inside the Knox Bison Ranch central building on a table.Gold Case: At the Hoon family ranch On a tableGold Plated Nichrome Wire:?At Aspen at the Visitor Lodge.Gold Plated Hammer:Located inside the vault room at the Little hell in Aspen.Golden Micah sheet:The Golden Micah sheet can be found at the Paint Mine location inside a run-down RV.

  Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair

  Wasteland 3’s?Toaster Repair is nothing new to the series, as it was also present in the previous titles Wasteland?and Wasteland 2?in much the same capacity as Wasteland 3. However, it seems unlike the third game, Wasteland 2 had a more interactive approach to Toaster Repair as certain special items could be found and later traded with certain NPCs for unique items.

  These items players could receive often included anything from special weapons to skill books, so it is disappointing that this doesn’t seem to be the case as well in the Third game. However, it worth noting that the game has just come out so if any new information that says otherwise comes to light we will update this portion of the guide. Players can also still receive nice weapons such as the Argon Lance from toasters, but just can’t trade certain items for others like in Wasteland 2.

  After this that will be everything there is to know regarding what Wasteland 3’s?Toaster Repair skill is used for. We hope you found our guide helpful but before you go be sure to leave some feedback in the comments below and as well share this guide so it can help someone else too.

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