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[WWE 2K20]The Top WWE 2K22 Community Requests Are Not Surprising, But The Top One Would Be a Game

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  Visual Concepts’ WWE 2K22 is promising to change the series, and a highly fan-requested feature could be a huge step forward for the series.

  By Paul Mason

  Published Jun 02, 2021


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  WWE 2K22?is being released at some point in 2021, and the developer Visual Concepts is hoping to fix the issues with the series. No release date has been announced for?WWE 2K22, but fans are excited to see what change the new title brings. In the lead-up to?WWE 2K22?being released, fans have made their voices heard about new features that they wish to see. None of the fan requests are too surprising, but the top-voted feature could be a game-changer.

  The last entry in the?WWE 2K?series wasn’t well-received by fans or critics.?WWE 2K20?had a ton of issues?when it launched, including a multitude of bugs and technical issues. The series took a break for a year after its release, and now Visual Concepts is looking to address the problems the last title had with?WWE 2K22. The icing on the cake of a more refined?WWE 2K?game would be some fan-requested features, especially the top-voted one.

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  The General Manager Mode was a hugely popular game mode in the?WWE SmackDown vs. Raw?games. This game mode enabled players to manage their brands, trade superstars, and booking matches. Players loved the game mode and despite its popularity, it hasn’t appeared in?WWE?games for years.?WWE 2K22?presents an opportunity to bring it back,?and GM Mode is the most requested feature from the community.

  GM Mode was a staple of the?SmackDown vs. Raw?games, and fans are eager to see it make a return. GM Mode is currently the most requested feature from the WWE?community. User creation options feature throughout the community’s popular requests, including the ability to make arenas and custom entrance music. Gameplay-related improvements feature frequently throughout as well, with some fans looking for improved AI, better physics, and improvements to submission-based wrestling. While some suggestions would undoubtedly improve the game, perhaps none would be as impactful as bringing back the GM Mode.


  Though the return of the GM Mode has been teased before, it has never materialized. Bringing back the much-loved mode from the?SmackDown vs. Raw?days could be a great way of restoring players’ faith in the franchise after?WWE 2K20’s ill-received launch. The return of GM Mode is perhaps the ultimate fan wish for the series for years now, and Visual Concepts could stand to gain a lot of goodwill with its return. Thanks to there being three brands, the GM Mode would have a lot of potential for multiplayer. A player could take control of a show and compete with the other player-controlled brands, Raw, SmackDown, and NXT.


  While GM Mode hasn’t been confirmed, the fans have made their voices heard about the return of the game mode.?Fans have already voted on?WWE 2K22’s cover stars, so perhaps there is a chance that Visual Concepts will listen to fans pleas about the General Manager Mode. Visual Concepts have released several behind-the-scenes videos for?WWE 2K22, offering gamers transparency into the process of making the game. Hopefully, the developer will bring back the sought-after GM Mode.

  WWE 2K22?is currently in development and will be released in 2021.

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