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[Persona 5]Persona 5: How To Find And Capture The Stone Of Scone Treasure Demon

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  Here are the 2 locations where players can find the Stone fo Scone Treasure Demon and how to exploit its weakness to capture it.

  By Reyadh Rahaman

  Published Jun 12, 2021


  joker and stone of scone about to be captured.

  Treasure Demons are an interesting kind of spectral persona that can be found in the eponymous?Persona 5, and while they cannot be used in combat, they offer excellent ways to pass around rare and mighty skills to personas that can be fused using them as a component.

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  The Stone of Scone is a Treasure Demon hailing from Scottish lore and is an actual object in the real world. It has been used in the coronations for monarchs of the highlands for centuries, though, its?Persona 5 appearance heralds a different kind of ascension: one of greater power in battle for other personas.


  Possessing every medium-damage elemental offensive skill in the game grants the Stone of Scone great potential as a fusion component, however, they are a bit tricky to find. Despite it only being possible to encounter them randomly, there are a couple of locations that players can search (possibly multiple times after refreshing the area) to seek out the Stone of Scone.

  treasure demon from persona 5.

  There is no set area within Futaba’s Palace (also known as the Pyramid of Wrath) that the Stone of Scone spawns, but traveling around the desert landscape should allow players to find this Treasure Demon on the rare occasion.

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  This is the fifth?zone?of Mementos and consists of 12 floors, each proliferated by deep purple?haze all around. The rest floors are the 4th and 8th?ones, so these would be ideal places to start a farming run while Stone of Scone hunting. It is worth noting that in addition to this Treasure Demon, some other personas from Futaba’s Palace can be found here.

  player battling a stone of scone treasure demon.

  Like other Treasure Demons, the Stone of Scone possesses tremendous resilience to every kind of attack except for one, though this weakness changes between the different versions of the game. Be sure to remember this persona’s one weakness in the respective version of the game that one is playing if the player wants any chance of success at capturing this wily foe.


  Use Curse-type offensive skills to damage the Scone of Stone, as this is their only weakness, and the Treasure Demon will sustain huge damage after only one or two attacks. Be sure not to knock them out, as this will cause them to disappear, wasting the opportunity to add them to one’s ranks. When they are at about half health, hold them up at gunpoint to convince them to hand over their mask and power.

  In this version of the game, the Scone of Stone is weak to Fire-type damage, so use scorching skills to subdue it. However, besides the elemental difference, the method of capturing this Treasure Demon remains quite similar: get it down to around half health and then hold it up for a chance to obtain it as an ally.


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