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Little Nightmares

source:77 games 2021-6-8

A woman says that she is lucky to be alive after a stray bullet tore through her home but damaged something she’d been dreaming of her whole life.

Ever since she was a little girl, Layne has dreamed about her wedding.

^More like garden, a fairy tale, ̄ said Kayla Layne describing her October 1st wedding.

^I told them exactly the things I did not want. They tried to fit into the little category I provided them of things I did want, ̄ she said about the trip to pick out her dress.

^They pulled this out and as soon as I put it on, I didn’t want to put any more on. I said this is the one that I want, ̄ she said with a smile.

When Kayla got home Friday morning, she saw her window was shattered. Someone fired shots in the alleyway, and a stray bullet went right through an upstairs room.

^When we found out yesterday what happened, I immediately pulled it out, went through it and I sat on the floor and sobbed because we don’t even know if they can repair it, ̄ she said.

Her dream dress now brings nightmares.

“I’m shaking, it’s been really traumatizing. We found the perfect dress, and it may be gone, and I may not be able to get it again, ̄ she said, quivering.

Kayla says the violence in the neighborhood has her thinking about moving. Just last month around the corner from Kayla’s home, a 9-year-old girl was caught in the crossfire and was shot in the chest.

^I don’t think anyone should feel unsafe in their own home, ̄ she said.

Kayla says the dress cost $1200, and that she is still making payments on it.

She has an appointment in July to see if there’s any way it can be repaired.

Columbus police are investigating this case.

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