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[Axiom Verge 2]5 Key Announcements From Day of the Devs 2021

source:77 games 2021-7-16

  Following the end of Summer Game Fest today, this year’s Day of the Devs showcase kicked off, giving us a better look at many highly-anticipated indie titles that are set to release in the future. The presentation as a whole was roughly an hour long and featured new looks at projects coming from popular companies such as Annapurna Interactive, Devolver Digital, and many, many more.

  With so many new games and announcements having been revealed over the course of the event, however, it’s hard to keep track of everything that happened during Day of the Devs. As such, here are five key announcements from the presentation that are worth reading up on.

  Axiom Verge 2(Photo: Thomas Happ)

  Axiom Verge 2 is a game that has been on the radar of many for quite some time, and while it still doesn’t have a release date, developer Thomas Happ did reveal some pretty big news about the project during Day of the Devs. Previously only confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch and PC, Axiom Verge 2 will also now be coming to PS5 and PS4. Sadly, we aren’t any closer to realizing when the game will actually arrive as it still only has a “coming soon” release designation.


  Join us at 12pm Pacific on July 29th for the Annapurna Interactive Showcase! We’ve got gameplay reveals, new game announcements, and a few more surprises. #SummerGameFesthttps://t.co/mB82zY23hahttps://t.co/6vgpFRKjxu pic.twitter.com/lyVGsnQpPP

  — Annapurna Interactive (@A_i) June 10, 2021

  Annapurna Interactive, which is the publishing group behind games like Donut County, Sayonara Wild Hearts, and Outer Wilds briefly swung by Day of the Devs with a new teaser trailer highlighting a number of upcoming games that are soon to be released from the publisher. In the process, Annapurna also announced that it will have more to share on these new titles next month during what it is calling the Annapurna Interactive Showcase. The stream will feature gameplay, new game reveals, and other “surprises” and is set to take place next month on July 29.


  Death’s Door will soon amaze and the release date announcement is nested nicely in this weekend’s Devolver Digital showcase!

  2021 | XB S/X | XB1 | PChttps://t.co/H8vTntkSs4 pic.twitter.com/5XLIgl729y

  — Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) June 8, 2021

  Death’s Door is a new isometric action game from Devolver Digital and Acid Nerve, which is the studio behind Titan Souls. Death’s Door places you in control of a crow that looks to take down a number of enemies in the pursuit of re-obtaining their soul. While the game didn’t receive a release date announcement during Day of the Devs, a new gameplay trailer did release. Speaking more to that launch date, however, we should hear more about it when Devolver’s own event happens this weekend.


  One of the most intriguing games shown during Day of the Devs was likely that of A Musical Story. The game is being developed by Glee-Cheese Studio and is a story-based rhythm game that is set in the 1970s. A Musical Story follows a character named Gabriel as he thinks back on his life and exploits as a musician. It features an incredibly unique art style and also touches on topics related to addiction. It’s set to release on nearly all platforms later this year in October.



  We’re proud to debut a brand new trailer AND announce a ~release window~ for Garden Story during #DayoftheDevs!?

  Get ready to help the delightful denizens of the Grove in Summer 2021 on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

  Wishlist it now! https://t.co/zsCaVZ2jZZ pic.twitter.com/f5zVnGLO5R

  — Garden Story (@gardenstorygame) June 10, 2021

  If you’re someone who enjoys adventure titles, Garden Story might be a game that should be on your radar. Developed by Picogram, Garden Story places you in control of a grape that is meant to reunite a small community. The game takes place on a colorful island and will see you dispatching various enemies that have infected the land. Revealed during Day of the Devs, the game now has a new launch window and will arrive at some point this summer on Switch and Steam.


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