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[maja moldenhauer]Hold your kids tightly gentlemen

source:77 games 2021-7-9


  Sims Family

  Jermey Sims and family

  It was a scary situation for my family Thursday night when my wife called from OTMH saying that they needed to airlift my 3-year-old to McMaster Children’s Hospital. I don’t think any other news could have caused a sharper spike in my pulse.

  After a quick drive to OTMH I saw my 3-year-old in the back of an ambulance strapped to a gurney, while not knowing what was exactly wrong. It is something I hope nobody else experiences. The EMS personal decided against the airlift potentially due to the high winds and hail.

  After many blood tests and analysis, a three-night stay and a metabolic team doing more lab work…my baby was able to come home today!

  This was the best birthday present a dad could have!

  Thank you to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital emergency department staff, Pediatrics, the Ornge transport team, the Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at McMaster, the Metabolics team and the Pediatric ward at McMaster.

  Sincere thank you to Neil Bunn and his wonderful wife Lisa for taking care of my other two kids while I was back and forth to Hamilton. They truly broke the mould when they made you two.

  Thank you to the Facebook Oakville Dads admin team: Andrew Rymes, Per Homer and Jamie Dennison.?Thanks to Conor and Jenn Poutney for the help, guidance and support. Thanks to Chad and Maja Moldenhauer for being the sweetest neighbours ever! Thank you to everyone else who sent messages, texts, emails and dropped off food for the family.

  Tonight, I’m both extremely grateful and thankful to live here in Canada with access to top Healthcare and Pediatric Specialists. I’m grateful for amazing friends and family. I’m glad my little one has no more monitors, sensors and IV units attached to her…but most of all I’m just glad she’s home.

  Hold your kids?tightly gentlemen.

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