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[My Friend Pedro]New Fall Guys skins leak, including Portal and My Friend Pedro

source:77 games 2021-7-7

  Fall Guys Portal skin

  Chell is coming to Fall Guys (pic: Twitter)

  Datamining fans have found evidence of more video game crossovers for Fall Guys, as well as the chance to dress up as a horse or a monkey.

  If you want to advertise your game, or movie or anything else, within another game then the best bet is currently Fortnite (assuming you don’t care about the smartphone versions) but Fall Guys has very quickly got itself into the business of cross-promotion as well.

  Valve seem the keenest, as they’ve already announced a Team Fortress 2 skin and now, according to a series of leaks, they’re going to add one for Chell from Portal as well.

  On top of that is My Friend Pedro (who’s basically a banana) from Devolver Digital, which means there’ll probably be a bunch more indie games to follow.

  Collab skins featured shop leaks!

  Portal: September 3rd

  My friend Pedro: September 6th pic.twitter.com/GDHQRscCUc

  — HYPEX – Fall Guys Leaks & News (@HypexFG) August 13, 2020

  The Portal skin will be available from 3 September and My Friend Pedro from 6 September, or at least that’s what the datamined information suggests, which has also turned up a bunch of other unlicensed skins.

  These other skins include a flowerpot, tomato, parakeet, horse, monkey, tyrannosaurus rex, and a bullet kin from Enter The Gungeon. Although it’s not clear if these are the final versions of any of the designs.

  Next Featured Shop Leak! (August 16th) pic.twitter.com/mgOu1Zdjsj

  — HYPEX – Fall Guys Leaks & News (@HypexFG) August 13, 2020

  Featured Shop Leak! (August 19th) pic.twitter.com/LHWpfSG9oS

  — HYPEX – Fall Guys Leaks & News (@HypexFG) August 13, 2020

  The unlicensed skins will begin to appear from Sunday, 16 August and are no doubt the first of many to come.

  It’s no wonder Valve are so keen though as the game sold 2 million copies on Steam within the first 24 hours. Currently, the PlayStation 4 version is still free via PlayStation Plus and while Mediatonic has said they’d like to bring the game to other formats they haven’t confirmed anything yet.

  Featured Shop Leak! (August 22nd)

  PC & PS4 (PC will have a skin too, not added to the files yet) pic.twitter.com/rEiDHNMWJ5

  — HYPEX – Fall Guys Leaks & News (@HypexFG) August 13, 2020

  More Shop Leaks, from August 25th to August 31st! pic.twitter.com/WFCVZAqXeI

  — HYPEX – Fall Guys Leaks & News (@HypexFG) August 13, 2020

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