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[Phasmophobia]A Phasmophobia Update is Dropping Friday, but Developers Are Being Vague

source:77 games 2021-6-28

  Kinetic Games mysteriously teases that a new upcoming beta patch for horror video game Phasmophobia is coming soon, without sharing any details.

  By Luie Magbanua

  Published Jun 10, 2021


  phasmophobia prison map

  It has been almost a month since the indie horror title Phasmophobia from Kinetic Games implemented beta updates that introduced new additions to the current?Phasmophobia?roster of ghosts. Now, the developers have very vaguely announced that a patch update is coming quite soon, without revealing any information about what changes the players should expect within the video game.

  Most fans of Phasmophobia are likely appreciating how the development team remains consistent in providing new content for the game. Two new ghosts, the Yokai and Hanyu, were recently added to the beta version of the game. The terrifying ghost hunting experience keeps being improved for all players, with additions of new ghost interactions, gameplay features, and upgraded Phasmophobia ghost AI.

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  phasmophobia prison map

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  In a recent post on the official Kinetic Games Twitter account, the devs shared an unclear update on an upcoming beta patch for Phasmophobia. The tweet mentioned that the new patch will come out on Friday, June 11, 2021, but did not detail what kind of upgrades will be added to the horror title. The development team also replied to the Twitter post themselves, which encouraged the game’s community to engage in conversation and share their expectations about the mysterious new patch.

  New Beta patch will be out this Friday. Not everything is on Trello #Phasmophobia

  — Phasmophobia (@KineticGame) June 7, 2021

  Fans on the thread are already speculating and hoping for a higher difficulty level than Professional, to provide more of a challenge to those who have already mastered the video game and are confident in their ghost hunting prowess. While others hoped that Phasmophobia will add more than two ghosts in a singular location, which will likely lead to double the frightening hunts and double the time needed to figure out each ghost’s identity. Mentions of a new playable map, and even a canine companion, were also included in the conversation about the new patch. However, the post did mention that the update will not involve anything in the team’s Trello board, therefore fans are guessing that the upcoming features will be new and have not been mentioned by the devs before.

  Given just how often Phasmophobia is being played on PC, there is no surprise that the developers continue to improve the gameplay, and enrich the experience for many of their loyal players. Hopefully the developers will be generous enough to share more details about the new patch before it hits this Friday on Steam. If not, horror video game fans have all the more incentive to jump into the game once more and experience the upgrades themselves.

  Phasmophobia?is currently playable on?PC.

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