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[StrongHold Warlords 2021]All-State Block 2 major update year’s online series players break 4 million

source:77 games 2021-6-28

  Recently, Jishi once announced that “the whole seal 2” will continue to bring new content for players in 2021.Today (March 6) official website issued related announcements,A brief introduction to the future planning of the game.


  The development team of “All-State Block 2” is proud of their achievements in 2020.According to the data they public,The number of players of the “full-scale blockade” series has broken through 40 million mark.The release of the first payment information “Warlords of New York”,Also let March 2020 have the number of active players with the top month.

  As we announced a few weeks ago,We have started to make new content for the “full-scale blockade”.The development of these content will be responsible by a group of senior people in Yubi Massive.Adrian Trasca and Yannick Banchereau will continue to serve as producers and creative deputy director of this project.We are also very happy to announce thatThe new content will be made under the support of the Yubiba Hello team.

  In the next major update,We hope to bring a new game mode (for the entire series).While launching a new mode,We will enhance the capabilities by increasing the diversity of fitting.As updated,We will disclose more intelligence.

  The development of this update is still in the early stage.It takes a few months to complete.therefore,Our next major update plan is earlier in the end of 2021.We will use this time to make sure we bring meaningful changes to the game.


  The development team of “full sealing 2” said thatBecause it is working hard to develop a large update content,So in the next few months,In the second year, they will re-operate the content of the season.That is to say, the next season (Fifth Season) will be the first season’s repeat,Players will also have the opportunity to collect rewards and collections.Officials will also launch some new activities and small updates.

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