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[Re Zero Fandom]Saier: The ultimate weapon zero zero!Comprehensive skill analysis,It’s good to use it in a actual battle!

source:77 games 2021-6-26

  Ring · Zero Elf Analysis

  Property: Machinery and Battle

  The new dual attribute that sweeps the abstoreAs of now, 8 elves are online.This attribute will be together with the two mutually restrained properties,The fighting surface is narrow,However, there is no difference in the opposite side of the fight.


  Fighting surface: Mainly crack down on ice line and its derivative properties,However, the problem of poor ice-based environment is already known,Basically, there are few ice lines or ice-based dual attributes to play on the peak.So saying that the fight is not good,In addition, it is the 1 of the gods.5 times a bit look.


  Help: 4 times the property is not very good,The highest fire fighting,Diwar,The secondary war has 2.375 times the clock multiple,These three attributes are not common, so the environment is not bad.At present, the main enemy of the peak is still Shiwa.After all, the void is still 1.5 times.

  Race value: 740 sum

  MedicalThe captain of the moon team is a 740 race.It is not difficult to see that these team heads are basically 740 strength.The team leader of the subsequent sorrow should be almost.


  In-assignmentThe choice of loop is the high intensity of the special attack and speed.144 High-intensity special attacks 135 high-speed gave the capital, high-speed, high-speed capital,It is not difficult to see whether the positioning is the output C bit.At the same time, the physical strength and double defense are not too low.It is barely enough.

  Soul printing: zero

  The Soul of the Captain, can be said to be very interesting,Looking at the conditional helmet with similar obeying dance from the soul printing effect,However, the swear dance is triggered by the attack.And the loop is the attack trigger itself.But the players who have been tested feedback this Soul printed is a bit pulling,It’s far less than swearing.


  The first article (zero-style): itself uses attribute skills to trigger,The next exchange of skills is subjected to 200-300.This effect is more common,Since itself, it is not a powder injury.This effect can make a role in replenishing a certain amount of fixation.It is not much significant.

  Article 2 (zero-assault): Self-attack skill hit triggers,Additionally causes 50% of the damage to the injury and reply isometric physical strength.The damage is less than 300 opponents.It is more than 300 to fail the opponent.


  This effect is the core effect of loop,But it is also the most illusory effect.The front injuries effectively strengthened the output of loop.But the latter judgment is very quiz,After some players’ test,These two effects are binding,That is, any of the elves in both sides are ineffective.There is no so-called killing helmet, there is no effect of inheriting helmets,There is no auxiliary value and molding capability.

  Skill group

  Ring · God Tie Bombard (Fifth Skill) First, get 2 rounds of poll,This type of effect is generally common in the top three.It is indeed rare,But I am in a rounded effect, I think it is unbroken.The first hand is easy to get some broken round effect after the opponent;


  It is very powerful, and it is very powerful.Especially in conjunction with the blood-off of the opponent and the skin of the soul, it can make a very strong mixed injury; it is a pity that the skill has no broken round effect.Otherwise, the hand-discipline can bring higher income.

  Core collapse (first three) classic is double descending skills,Double consumption skills are basically considered if there is no scorpion,Once the blind man is easy to die,This skill is like his name is very collapsed.The first eye saw this skill will think is the first three of the Tianzun.Consumption, exhaustion,Broken round injury is exactly the same;


  But after testing, I found the skills and the God of Tianzun once a sky,His consumption is in front of the disconnection,The first three opponents of Tianzun as long as they have enhanced,Even if you drive, you can also break out the birth control and tired,And this skill is due to the issue of judgment,If the opponent has a handicapped control, we will return the tired bomb and then trigger round,It is therefore a very quite design.


  Burning ketclock (global control) This population-controlled skill is bound to blood,Most of the elf recovery is basically strengthening binding,The elves tied to the poll control is very small.At the same time, it is also bound to crit and advance two effects.Is a good 4 effect skill,High integration,However, there is not much linkage between other skills.


  Steel soul sauna (strengthen) This strengthening judgment is also good,The opponent uses attack skills to randomly remove a skill PP,The opponent is used to use attribute skills to get a number of injuries.It is not difficult to see that these two effects are triggered in an opponent’s use skill.Not hit triggers,Therefore, the effect is triggered before the break round effect is triggered.But unfortunately two effects compare the medium rules,It can’t bring too significant benefits.


  Zero-style dissocator (big trick) Weakly remove the opponent 2 skill PP,This effect, although the income is good,However, due to weakness of weakness, there is no bound forefront.This weak, the chicken ribs,The effect of sealing the blood is even more useful.


  Comprehensive speech is still very strong,Although the skill group is not perfect,But still can play.But I think the core is still on the threshold,According to the previous year, if it is a pressure axis elf.The intensity is two lines,It is inevitable that it will be easy.So I feel that I feel a conscience.


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