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[Anime Rem Re Zero]Anime Trending 2020 autumn animation list released

source:77 games 2021-6-26

  The “Anime Trending 2020” autumn animation list of Europe and the United States is open,among them,The popularity of the popularity of the “Mantra Wars” won the “most popular male role”; “The Magic Tour” is the first place in “The most loved season animation”.

  The following is a specific win list:

  The most loved season animation TOP4: “Witch Tour” “full member of the jade” “The spell battle” “” In short, it is very cute “

  Most favorite male role: five awareness

  Most favorite female role: Irea

  The most popular male with: seven sea built people

  Most favorite female match: Sister

  The most popular CP: Anda and Island Village

  The most loved one song: “In short, it is very cute”

  The most popular end song: “Love Live!Hongyi Xueyuan Academy III is the same












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