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[RE ZERO 6][Extreme 001 listing,Price 28.100,000

source:77 games 2021-6-26

  Extremely 001 listing,Price 28.100,000 -36.Ten million yuan. The new car is the Zero mass production version of the model.Created based on the SEA vast architecture.The new car uses frameless door,And automatic induction / closing technology.Car long 4970mm, wide of 1999mm, high 1560mm,The axis is 3005mm.Make a permanent magnet twin system system,Maximum power 400kW,Peak torque 768nm,Official breaks 100 results 3.8 seconds.With 86KWH / 100KWH ternary lithium battery,NEDC working condition is 712km.The new car will also be equipped with air suspension, rear wheel steering, etc.The trolley is really very good.Product layout,Two new models will be launched every year to 2023.And will provide 360KW charging pile.

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