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[Lee Ga Sing]SING Female Group Singing DNF Official Cartoon Ending Song New Song Morning Burning Online

source:77 games 2021-6-25

  On April 23,The new song “Chen Daw” singing “Morning” in the famous women’s idol group SING women’s group is officially launched.Single as a DNF “Dungeon and Warriors” official animation in the second season of “Dungeon and Warriors, reverse rotation”Han Xingzhou, the famous music producer.Song songs,Incentive to the Warriors to go forward to the goal.In the melodious melody,The Deductive of the Women’s Group is full of youth energy and the meaning of songs.


  The movie “Dungeon and Warriors · Reverse Rottery” plot still continues the “Warriors’ Love” conveyed by the same name series,”Morning” as the end of this animation,It also implies DNF topic elements and spiritual kernels such as abyss, hope, belief.Write like a lyric,”Even if the world is falling into the dark”,Near the abyss or straight wind,Also want to hop,”As long as there is a belief, you can summon the sun.”Lang Lang’s lyrics are equipped with passionate tunes,Active positive energy,Sing women’s group also sang this fearless and blood in the sound of the sound.Polar youth,At the same time, people are also encouraged to have haze even if they fate.It is also believed that the sun will fall.


  Sing Women’s group was invited to interpret the cartoon ending song “Morning”,It is undoubtedly uniform from the image to the popularity.As a forerunner of electronic national style,The Sing Women’s group has triggered the swing of the second yuan in the second round of the second yuan with “Month Month”.Soured by many young fans.Simultaneously,Sing women’s group also cooperated many times ACG field hot IP,The end of the “Magic Ancestors” animation “does not envy”,Single on the cool dog music platform,I got more than 90,000 praises.Deep a lot of favorite fans.The big hot mobile game singing by the Sing Women’s group “The King of the Glory” and Gongsun should be aid “Fenghua Leaves Dance” from Battle.”Ark Directive” game theme song “God’s law” and other songs are also brainwashing because of tunes.Being received by netizens.

  Sing women who have been combined with Chinese traditional elements and pop elements,Nowadays, many electronic national winds such as “Month”, “Thousands of” “” “” “Not only harvest more and more fans,Also recognized by the official mainstream media.Behind this achievement,They are from the persistence and efforts of SING Women’s members.Welcome to the dream of the dream,The Sing Women’s Group has highlighted youth positive energy belonging to the idol group.

  Next,Sing women’s group will continue to work harder,Do more in your heart, more unique national style music and stage works,Wonderful awkward!


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