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[EPIC GAMES Store Hitman]App Store Account for Apple Epic Games

source:77 games 2021-6-25

  British Reuters August 29th,Apple said on Friday (28th),Epic Games has been terminated at the App Store account.

  According to US Consumer News and Commercial Channel (CNBC),Apple confirms that the EPIC Games developer account has been deleted,And indicates that the contract must be terminated.

  ”I am disappointed with the Epic Games developer account on the App Store.We have worked with the Epic Games team for many years.The court suggested that EPIC complies with the App Store in the case of the case.This is a regulation that has been following the past decade.This is until EPIC causing this situation.EPIC refuses,in contrast,They repeatedly submit “Fortress Night” update,These updates violate the App Store guidelines,This is unfair to other developers on the App Store.We hope to cooperate again in the future,But unfortunately, there is no possibility.”

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