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  With so many fights, Dragon Ball characters die all the time, but some deaths were completely preventable.

  By Sage Ashford

  Published 17 hours ago


  King Kai King Cold Dragon Ball 10 Deaths That Could Have Been Avoided

  It’s hard not to watch any story without thinking “if only”, wishing a character did one thing when what actually happened was another. Dragon Ball Z is a particularly strong offender in this, perhaps even more so than either Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Super.

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  From the start of the Saiyan Saga, it’s hard not to get frustrated at all the characters who wind up dying for what feels like no reason at all. Some characters are gullible, while others are stubborn and cocky, and of course, the Saiyan Pride has cost multiple people their lives when that outcome could have been easily avoided. It’s fortunate that characters can come back to life without much trouble in the?Dragon Ball?series.


  Anime Dragon Ball Raditz Goku Die

  After Raditz came to Earth and told Goku the Saiyan race’s backstory of being intergalactic planet hunters for an evil empire, Goku should’ve known that he wasn’t trustworthy. After Raditz immediately beat Goku up and kidnapped his son to recruit him into a plan to fight against Frieza, Goku?really should have known.

  But after finally coming up with a perfect plan to be rid of Raditz, Goku made the foolish mistake of letting go of Raditz’s tail when it would’ve been the end of him. The second time around, Goku had to sacrifice himself to win.



  Yamcha had no business being as cocky as he was. He didn’t exactly have a sterling record when it came to combat–he often got beat to sleep by his opponent. After a year of training to prepare to fight the Saiyans, Yamcha looked like he was going to be a decent fighter against the Saibaman, and actually earned a victory for the Z Fighters. But then he let his guard down, allowing the Saibaman to get one last attack in that finished them both. Had he just kept paying attention, this never would have happened.



  Chiaotzu came up with the worst possible idea to try and deal with what was an unstoppable monster. Rather than continue to try to fight it out with Nappa, he chose to sacrifice his life in an explosion to take Nappa out. This might seem like it makes sense, but Chiaotzu had the weakest power level out of all the Z Fighters. If anyone was going to do this it should’ve been Piccolo. Instead, Chiaotzu only succeeded in destroying Nappa’s clothes and causing Tien to give up his life fighting Nappa one-handed.

  Piccolo protects Gohan in Dragon Ball Z

  Piccolo’s death could have and should have been avoided, but the fact that it wasn’t was a testament to his growth. When Dragon Ball Z started, Piccolo had plans to eventually attack Goku and defeat him before taking over the world. Though the Special Beam Cannon’s charge-up time is incredibly long, he could’ve come up with a plan to use it to take Goku down.

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  But after a year of essentially raising Gohan to be a better fighter while also looking out for him, Piccolo couldn’t let Nappa take the child out. Even before that, if Gohan had had the guts to attack Nappa when the Saiyan had been attacked by Piccolo and Krillin, perhaps neither of them would’ve been in that situation to begin with.



  Dende helped restore the Z Fighters repeatedly during their battle against Frieza, and in the case of Gohan and Vegeta, it helped their power grow massively – though it took a while for Krillin to convince Dende that Vegeta was worth healing after he’d laid waste to so much of Namek. When Frieza noticed that Dende had the power to heal, the first thing he did was take Dende out for good.

  A logical move, but considering Vegeta was already healed, there was no way he couldn’t have blocked Frieza’s attack. He thought he didn’t need to because he thought he was strong enough to take Frieza. Instead, with Dende gone, there wasn’t anyone able to heal Vegeta after Frieza handed him that epic beatdown before Goku arrived.


  King Cold helped rescue his son and restore him to life after he was defeated by Goku, transforming Frieza into Mecha Frieza. The two of them should’ve then settled for the fact that Goku probably died on Namek, and they could go back to ruling over the rest of the universe in peace. But they were consumed by their arrogance and traveled to Earth. There, they sought out someone who was more than powerful enough to defeat them the first time, and thus ran into Future Trunks, who simply killed both of them in a matter of moments.



  After Gohan finally reached his Super Saiyan 2 form, he proved strong enough to fight and defeat Cell, a being who had defeated Goku, with ease. And that’s what should have happened, but instead his Saiyan blood caused him to want to make Cell pay, so he took his time in killing Cell.

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  Cell decided that rather than lose the fight, he would blow up the entire planet. Because of this, Goku?teleported Cell away before he could act on his plan. This was completely unnecessary, especially because of what it led to.

  Anime Dragon Ball Super King Kai Gregory Bubbles Dead

  For some reason, Goku decided to teleport the exploding Cell to King Kai’s planet with the excuse that it was the first place he thought of. Though he could have teleported Cell into the emptiness of space where his explosion wouldn’t cause any harm, he instead specifically brought the problem to his master’s doorstep. This resulted in King Kai being one of the only Kai who isn’t actually alive, and Goku keeps forgetting to wish him back.



  Dr. Gero had several opportunities to avoid all the problems he caused himself. He could’ve just stayed quiet after Goku and the Z Fighters defeated the Red Ribbon Army, or he could have chosen to escape without waking up the other Androids. They couldn’t detect his power level and he was able to get away without any problems–there was no need to get his revenge then. Instead, he woke up a pair of Androids he knew he couldn’t control, and they betrayed him the second they got the chance.

  Majin Buu Ties Vegeta Up - Dragon Ball Z

  After witnessing multiple attempts to take out someone through blowing themselves up, Vegeta thought his own attempt would somehow work. After fighting Majin Buu in place of Goku, Vegeta quickly found himself overwhelmed by the incredible might of the magical being. All of this could have been avoided if Vegeta hadn’t been stuck on trying to prove himself and instead worked with Goku to defeat Buu while he was in his weakest form.

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